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Welcome to Tabletop Potluck!

May 23, 2018

After years apart, an adventuring party reunites for one last simple mission. After all, how dangerous can a gnome warren really be?

This is a repost of our episode of Podcast of Foes, which was previously uploaded to the Dungeon Delve feed; if you haven't listened to it already, now's your chance!


Sally Chan - Moo
Charlotte Elena - Bean
Ray Goldberg - Ioana
Noa Heinrich - GM
Matthew Marquez - Quis
Megan Scharlau - Masika

Theme music by Riley Allen,
“Peaceful Country”, “Mello Renaissance”, “Morrison's Jig”, and “Old Europe” courtesy of
“Galway”, “March of the Spoons”, “Immersed”, “One-Eyed Maestro”, “Ossuary 2 – Turn”, “Ritual”, “Netherworld Shanty”, “The Path of the Goblin”, “Crowd Hammer” and “Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Act Three” by Kevin MacLeod,, licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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