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Welcome to Tabletop Potluck!

Nov 30, 2020

Disaster strikes during Tabletop Potluck's monthly meeting and Marquez, Charlotte, and Sally are left to pick up the pieces and stay safe. But can they avoid their own fears until they can regroup in person? 
CW: death, discovery of a body, blood, heaving sounds
Sally Chan as Sally Chan
Charlotte Elena as Charlotte Elena
Matthew James Marquez as Matthew James Marquez
Megan Scharlau as The GM
Theme music by Riley Allen,, 
"Bending Gravity" by Michael Vignola
"Fateful Destiny" by William Pearson
"Shiver" by Ray Aley
"Closing Wooden Door", "Metal Scraping", "Woman Scream When Door opens", "Liquid Blow Bubbles", "Computer Chair knock over Wood Surface", "Heavy Metal Microphone Falling on Desk", "Paper Short Drop", "Door Squeak Creak Short", "Dog Warning Barking", "Monster Zombie Walk", "Donkey Run Around", and "Dinosaur Velociraptor Screech Grunt" on
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