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Welcome to Tabletop Potluck!

Dec 14, 2020

CW: Loud Noise at 22:55-22:59
In the search to rescue Millie and avenge Megan, the remaining members of Tabletop Potluck gather supplies and attempt to track down the creature who summoned their nightmares.
Sally Chan as Sally Chan
Charlotte Elena as Charlotte Elena
Matthew James Marquez as Matthew James Marquez
Megan Scharlau as The GM
Theme music by Riley Allen,,
"The Crucible (intro)" by Emanuele Dentoni
"Piano Slow Mellow Vibe" by Nick Battle
"Midnight Doldrums" by Lance Conrad
"Lucid" by Michael Vignola
"Don't call me love" by Daniele Serpi
"A Horrible Piano" by Bobby Cole
"Scrap Metal Scrape Cement", "Window open and wind", "Squeaky and Rusty Gate", "Footsteps Leaves", and "Deep Male Breathing Looping" on
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