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Welcome to Tabletop Potluck!

Dec 21, 2020

The final showdown between Tabletop Potluck and The Shadowman may prove fatal, but what else can they do? It's him or us and the sun is quickly setting.
CW: Death, Violence
Sally Chan as Sally Chan
Charlotte Elena as Charlotte Elena
Matthew James Marquez as Matthew James Marquez
Megan Scharlau as The GM
Theme music by Riley Allen,,
"Clear Ending- No Drums Version" by Lance Conrad
"I Promise" by Michael Vignola
"Cinema Ambience" by Bobby Cole
"Kashmir Sci Fi" by Lance Conrad
"Scary Sounds" by Bobby Cole
"Descent to the Underworld" by Emanuele Dentoni
"Haunted House Atmosphere" by Bobby Cole
"Strong Stormy Wind Looping", "Nature Woods Bird Chirps Crickets", and "Sad Dog Barking and Whining" on
"Bone Breaking Sound Effects" on
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