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Welcome to Tabletop Potluck!

Oct 26, 2020

After saving the town of Thorn’s Edge, our Ironsworn make preparations to head out into the Deep Wilds. What secrets lie in the town’s aptly named “Tavern”? Find out in this weeks episode of Tabletop Potluck!
Amr Ammourazz- Titi
Noa Heinrich: Gilta
Matthew James Marquez: GM
Megan Scharlau: Scratch
Theme music by Riley Allen,,
"Soft Piano Wanderings" by Bobby Cole
"Alone, Barefoot" by Emanuele Dentoni
"Nonesuch" by  Jay M. Michaels
"Knowing" by  Michael Vignola
"Celestial Constellation" by Denis Kotenko
"Singularity" by Michael Vignola
"Strings for a Knight" by Bobby Cole
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