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Jun 25, 2019

Hey all! Have you ever wondered what friendship could be? Well, come and take this adventure with Tabletop Potluck as we explore the My Little Pony game Tails of Equestria!

Both Megan and Sally thought the book guided you through character creation with ease and everything was laid out very simply but didn’t lack complexity so all the character created could feel different

Megan felt the system was inviting despite her lack of knowledge of My Little Pony. She had to read up on the Elements of Harmony, but the book provides definitions so that wasn’t too much of a problem. Marquez felt that the character creation was about halfway between a playbook system and a crunchier game, making it a good entry level game as it was designed for both children and adults.

Both quirks and talents were easy to understand. Talents are basic powers and are akin to Dungeons and Dragons feats which are great but don’t really stand out. Sally loved talents and love the variety of powers these ponies can have, as well as making sure they all were different from one another.

Quirks, on the other hand, stood out especially as interesting role-playing prompts that despite being things that would hold your character back, provided no negative mechanical aspect to your character sheet and by confronting your quirk through role playing opportunities has a positive mechanical spin, which really fits in well with such a positive game system. Your quirks set you apart but they are what make you you! The fantastic character you are!

Friendship tokens are GREAT! The crew all agreed that the friendship token mechanic felt really well developed. The fact that you start off with friendship tokens equal to the people at the table INCLUDING the GM is really nice as it emphasizes that the GM wants you to succeed and is also your friend. The idea that you use the friendship tokens to re-roll and change the narrative really emphasizes the subtitle of the show that friendship IS magic and by using these tokens you can just succeed! But be careful not to hoard your friendship tokens like a dragon, friendship is meant to be shared! And if you spend them, they are easy to get back as the game rewards you with them for being a good friend.

The test, challenges, and scuffle aspects of the game (the main reason you roll dice) seemed fair. You just roll one die to determine success and when the challenges you face are at your level all the dice rolls are fair. This also allows the GM to showcase when a threat seems insurmountable, like when Marquez pulled a d12-- the atmosphere changed at the table, but with enough friendship tokens, anything is possible.

Leveling is really easy, just finish an adventure! Though we didn’t level up here, we noted that it is so nice knowing that instead of a complicated experience system and easier to explain while teaching kids to play the game.

We would all play Tails of Equestria, though Megan would want to watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic before playing again but mostly so she’d be as excited as Sally was during the game! We recommend Tails of Equestria definitely for parents who want to teach their kids, or even as a first time RPG for all ages provided you want to have fun! If you don’t take yourself too seriously take some time and play this game! It’s a breath of fresh air!

Tails of Equestria can be found at: