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Welcome to Tabletop Potluck!

Nov 13, 2018

It’s Lights, Camera, Action on Tabletop Potluck as we celebrate our 1 year anniversary! We delve into Uranium Chef and the world of the competitive cooking show to see which of our favorite player characters in the past year reigns supreme in the kitchen!

Sally Chan - Raine Valenti (Stars Without Number)
Charlotte Elena - Quinn Bailey (7th Sea)
Ray Goldberg - Abby Shore (Call of Cthulhu)
Noa Heinrich - Locktapus (MAOCT)
Matthew Marquez - GM
Megan Scharlau - Ginnie (Mouse Guard)

Theme music by Riley Allen,
"Furious Freak", "Chillin Hard", "Fantasia Fantasia", "Inspired", "Long Time Coming", and "Future Gladiator" by Kevin MacLeod (, licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License,

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