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Welcome to Tabletop Potluck!

Nov 11, 2019

As the crew of the One-Sided die recovers from the attack on their ship. They resolve to finally figure out: what’s the deal with Regina Modesto and why does she care so much about the Blade of Fate. Hostages, flirting, and revelations this week on Tabletop Potluck!
Sally Chan: Ena
Charlotte Elena: Quinn Bailey
Ray Goldberg: Odette
Noa Heinrich: Doctor Andres
Matthew Marquez: GM 
Megan Scharlau: Lucine Annabeth Villaine  
Theme music by Riley Allen, 
"Suonatore di Liuto" and "Lasting Hope" by Kevin MacLeod (, "Mexicanwind" by Russel L. Howard II and Chris Westlake, "Mysterious Dancers" by Albert James Di Cicco and Hilletje Bashew, "Pavan The Earl of Salisbury" and "The First Kiss" by Neil Cross, and "French Accordion Viola Duet" by Emily M. Klassen ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License 
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