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Welcome to Tabletop Potluck!

Kickstarter Update!

Sep 25, 2018

Hey guys!

Our Kickstarter is still up and running, but we only have 14 days left! We are only $166.00 away from our next goal, which is having the Tabletop Potluck crew make and eat Gatorade chicken. That sounds like fun for everyone to watch and hear, but not so much for us, the people eating it.

If you back us now (because you definitely want to see us eat that Gatorade chicken), you can get dice stickers, an NPC named after you, and so much more! We also added a new reward to all the tiers, a PDF recipe book of all the potluck recipes we have had on the show.

The amazing people who have backed us already unlocked the first stretch goal we have, having the Tabletop Potluck crew eat chocolate and M&M spaghetti! We have bought the spaghetti, chocolate sauce, and M&Ms; next step is to make it, eat it, and record all of it for you all to hear and see!

There are add-ons for you all to purchase to make us eat even more disgusting things. At the lower end of the list, you could pay $10.00 to make our very own Sally Chan eat whatever you wish! At the higher end, Ms. Ray Goldberg would be willing to eat anything for a good $30.00. If you want the full list, take a look at our Kickstarter and definitely put that money down to decide what we get to eat.

Coming to the end of this post, we would like to thank you all. We have been absolutely shocked with the amount of support from everyone and we are even more motivated to bring better content and quality to you all. Please leave us a review on iTunes or anywhere you listen to podcasts and check out all of our social media! You can find us at the handle Tabletop Potluck on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

We love you all and appreciate all you have done and are continuing to do!