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Welcome to Tabletop Potluck!

Feb 8, 2021

In our finale for our Return to Stars Without Number AND Season 3 of Tabletop Potluck, the band is finally finally back together as they move against the Nouveau Nouveau Collective for the good of Akri-2 and the Tartarus sector!
Sally Chan as Raine
Charlotte Elena as Ellis
Ray Goldberg as Caleb
Noa Heinrich as Arpeggio
Matthew James Marquez as the GM
Megan Scharlau as Malware
Theme music by Riley Allen,,
"Impending Boom" by Kevin MacLeod
"Bad Road Rocking Full" by William L. Newman
"Cooking Show Party Electro Swing" by Volodymyr Piddubynk
"Space Odyssey" by Simon Jomphe Lepine
"Terrible" by Simon Jomphe Lepine
"The girl with the beautiful eyes" by Adrian Berenguer
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